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Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

* Case: 44mmx12mm
* Lug width: 22mm
* Glass: Flat sapphire glass (case back mineral)
* Movement: Swiss manual movement ETA 6498-1
* Modifications by Soprod
* Cote de Geneve finishing
* chronometre grade adaptations, screwed balance
* Dial: Hand forged Damascus steel with a hand shaped chapter ring in grade-5 titanium
* Crown: Oversize in Damascus stainless steel with optional large gold fitted diamond
* Hands: polished steel finish
* Polished stainless steel mesh strap

I think the quartz watch with "Rolex" placed underneath it on the outer surface of the phone is pretty funny. There are two subdials that I don't actually think do anything - just there for show. I hate stuff like that. Then there is the font used to spell Rolex. How funny is that? I like that the three places where "Rolex" is written on the phone are done in a different font, and in a different style. Really classy! The look is completed with photos on the screen to remind you of what you are really desiring, a nice watch.

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Angular Momentum Crown Jewels Of Nature Watches: Three Cockatoo Birds + One

Angular Momentum Crown Jewels Of Nature Watches: Three Cockatoo Birds + One

Fortis "Cargo" Movie Limited Edition Spacematic & Spaceleader Watches Watch Releases

If you don't know about Orient watches, that is OK. They aren't Chinese, the name Orient just stuck since the brand is 50 years old when it was founded in Japan. Orient watches are mechanical and they make their own movements. I previously reviewed another Orient watch, the CFT00004B here. I am becoming well acquainted with the line and feel that the company does put together a decent watch with reliable movements. A lot of the cheaper Japanese mechanical movements aren't exactly something to brag about, but the Orient automatic movements have been quite reliable and accurate. They aren't without their quirks though, but nothing serious that should stand in your way of getting one.

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This is a good show in term of content, but the recording was done while I lost my voice, and while John was in China (he couldn't even test to see if we posted it online properly because the Internet is so heavily censored in China!). So pardon our oddities or faintness in sound. Just turn that volume way up! Enjoy folks.

Fortis "Cargo" Movie Limited Edition Spacematic & Spaceleader Watches Watch Releases

Either way, the watch is beautiful to behold. With varying degrees of clarity in the crystals featured, it's very dynamic and mystifying to observe. In addition to the obvious branding of the crystals, the branding present on these models are elegant and pretty low key. The simple Swarovski Swan at the 12 o'clock position is perfect, especially when how they could have handled this is considered.

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Each LUM-TEC Lumzilla model will come in a limited edition and range in price from about 0 - $ 650. The pictured blue dial version is a special European market only version. If you are in the US and want one, you'll likely have to order it from overseas. It is a nice model with the rich blue, isn't it? You can order the watches directly from LUM-TEC (link above).

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The Easy Diver SED Tourbillon is really large and really light. The 48mm wide case is in all titanium an feels light as a feather. Give then fact that the movement is barley there, this fact makes a lot of sense. In addition to the rubber strap with a titanium deployment, there is some rubber sandwiched into the construction of the case. Everything about the watch is very sporty, but also luxurious. Look closely at the slanted chapter ring around the dial - you'll notice that the hour markers are rubies. Very cool in my opinion. There is a sly nature to Rober Dubuis watches that present luxury in an unapologetically pronounced manner, without the pretention that you might expect from a luxury watch company.

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The CA925 is part of the new Classico automatic chronograph collection. These run on ETA's 7750 calibre. This silver chronograph watch is available in 53mm as well as the more accessible 45mm size. The tan leather strap shows how these watches can be dressed more casually. The strap retains its luxurious feel with an alligator leather lining. The "sandwich" dial on the CA925 is made up of a beige plate revealing carbon fiber hour markers. New U-Boat Classico 925 Series Limited Edition Silver Watches Watch Releases

In the video Biver gives us a few hints about the future of Hublot. Namely "manufacture." We know that Hublot is gonna get its own movements to go inside of its watches already with price points as though they already do have their own movements. So in maybe 3-5 years we will start to see something new from Hublot. All that bangin' Big Bang success has been able to fund some serious expansion and deserved ambition by Mr. Biver. He also talks about some of the peripheral things that they haven collaborated on. Like the Hublot bicycle or skis. I have a feeling that these products are only branded Hublot, without and of their design, which is probably good. Why then, is it fair for him to talk about them like they are Hublot products. What the hell Biver, you talk about them however you like, I still like the watches!

A few weeks ago you may recall that I notified you that would be down for a bit. That was the first phase of the upgrades to make faster, and more powerful for you. Well that was a band-aid compared to what I am doing now. As such, I am undergoing a more intensive full web host migration. The site will be down a bit, can't say how long. No matter what, will be back and serious soon. Wish me luck!

Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch – 0,000

Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch – 0,000

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It can take a little while to get used to 12 hour hand watches. You'll notice that they follow a precise indicator path making it not so hard to read the time. Some people even think it is easier than a two hand approach. Each indicator is placed 10 minutes apart. This isn't an ideal watch if you need too the minute precision (but in Spain who does?). However, it s a great style for when you want something more casual with a lot of hand-made character and a clean, classic looking dial. Because there aren't many Spanish watch makers that I am familiar with, it is hard to recognize a "Spanish" style. The look reminds me of a mixture of Italian and Bauhaus design watches. The  crownless look and solid lugs give the watch a very simple and inviting look. You can get dials that go from "instrument like" to quite minimalist. Pita is really nice about working with individual clients to achieve what is best for them. These are of course "luxury" watches, and such close attention from the makers is expected. Price isn't cheap, but it is much less than what you would expect from dealing directly with most Swiss or even German independent watch makers. The Pita Carousel prices ranges of course, but is in the ,000 range for the pictured version. Of course platinum will cost you more (though I really like the watch in gold).

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See Breguet watches on eBay here.Breguet Classique Ref. 5967 Watch's Video Game Heritage? Watch Releases

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This is one of Gc's newer watches and is not super easy to find. But you can find it, and it carries a retail price of about 0.

Inside the watch is mostly the same HM2 automatic movement that has always been a joy to check out. Alain added a 22k blued gold (yup!) automatic rotor that is shaped like a battle axe. And yes, that is not just me talking, but the automatic rotor is intentionally shaped like a kick-ass weapon! On the side of the watch is a simple inscription that should sum it all up for you. “Le vrai bonheur est d’avoir sa passion pour métier,” which translates into “True happiness is having one’s passion for a profession.” I agree, and hence why I do the work that I do commenting and reviewing watches. I seem to be in good company with these two men. I look forward to hopefully checking out an HM2.2 Black Box watch sometime, though that chances of that are not likely. With only 8 pieces ever, and enough fans of both M&F and Alain Silberstein out there, these watch are gonna go fast (if not already).

I am the first to admit that I am a fan of LUM-TEC - it is no secret. The newer American based watch company that just seems to hit the spot each time, with a satisfying watch offering each time. All LUM-TEC watches are limited editions and made in relatively in small quantities. If you follow the company's new developments you can most always get what you want, but by the time your friends see the watch, they might very well be out of luck trying to get one. For example, these new LUMzilla (which I will write out as "Lumzilla" because I feel like being lazy with the Shift key) watches come in just a handful of varieties, with just 100 models of each. In the scheme of watches at this price level, that is HIGHLY limited.

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On the back of the watch you can see the exhibition back of the case (which itself is secured via four screws) The dial crystal and rear crystal are both sapphire. The movement decoration was the first thing about the Perrelet A1021/3 that greatly impressed me. The decoration is thorough and unique to Perrelet. There is a skeletonized automatic rotor with a piece of gold attached to the back (for weight). The center of the rotor has the Perrelet logo engraved on it. Around the edge of the movement lies perlage polishing, and the movement use blued screws. Now the best movement decoration is located on most of the exposed movement plate and are a repeating pattern of Perrelet "P" logos. Giving it a quick glance and it may look like a floral pattern, but you'll notice the clever branding upon closer inspection. For some reason the area immediately below the balance wheel is not decorated, but it is not a big issue as the overall movement viewing experience is quite positive.I am not quite sure what the movement is inside of the watch. Perrelet recently purchased movement maker Soprod, but I think that most of their movements are currently from Swiss ETA. I am pretty sure that this watch is maybe a base ETA 2836 that has been modified as well as given a power reserve indicator, though I am not sure, whatever the case, it is a automatic mechanical Swiss movement.