Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar Meteorite Dial Watch To Debut At SIHH 2015 Watch Releases

aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you, and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

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That circular part with the gold colored wheel displayed under the skeletonized bridge just by the two hammers is called the governor, and it is a key component of just about any repeater watch: in perfect harmony with its name, the governor's duty is to ensure that every single chime follows the previous in a timely manner, and that the individual chimes are not all over the place, ruining the musicality of the complication.

The detail on the case is nicely executed. The bezel, along with upper and lower parts of the case are polished. The center of the case is nicely etched giving a nice design detail that includes a center milled groove that is interrupted by a heritage marking on the case opposite to the crown that is nicely adorned with the Marvin logo. The heritage mark stands for Marc & Emmanuel Didisheim, who founded Marvin in 1850.

Therefore, if you own a Rolex Submariner or GMT Master II and are in search of an excellent alternative strap, that feels great, looks fantastic, and will last for a long while, then RubberB would be my first recommendation. Just plan to keep the watch on the strap for the entire summer, so that your efforts in changing to it are amortized over that period – or be ready to make the trip to your local watchmaker. Price for the RubberB strap is 0 for the one shown in this review, which allows reuse of the Rolex clasp. RubberB also offers another strap that comes with a tang buckle (not shown here) and it costs 0. rubberb.com

Ralph Lauren Automotive Chronograph Watch For SIHH 2015

Ralph Lauren Automotive Chronograph Watch For SIHH 2015

How One Guy Made A Shockingly Good Urwerk UR-202 Watch Homage Feature Articles How One Guy Made A Shockingly Good Urwerk UR-202 Watch Homage Feature Articles

Upcoming “It’s About Time” Watch Get-Together Dates In The United States

Upcoming “It’s About Time” Watch Get-Together Dates In The United States

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What makes the other two time zones interesting isn't just that they are there, but that they each have their own day/night (AM/PM) indicator, as well as reference city indicator. The former function is displayed in the middle of the subsidiary dials as a disc displaying the sun or stars moving around slowly throughout the day. This is a pretty useful feature, as the other time zones are in a 12 hour format - making it difficult to know whether it is day or night in those places.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Chronographe

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The Sony FES e-ink watch consists of a thin case that holds the majority of the hardware and battery. There is also a motion sensor, as part of the concept is for the look of the Sony FES watch to change as you move it. The crowd-funding campaign was said to have been closed but was re-opened for more people to get in on the Sony FES watch. FES claims that the timepiece will be available for sale generally sometime in 2015.

Reviewing The RubberB Strap For Rolex Submariner And GMT Master II Luxury Items

Baselworld is the world's largest watch trade show and takes place in Basel, Switzerland, each year in March. aBlogtoWatch's editorial team makes the annual pilgrimage there, which results not only in tons of new watch coverage over the year, but also our famous top 10 watches of Baselworld list which sums up our top picks.

Yes, the MB&F Starfleet Machine clock is totally inspired by Star Trek. Specifically, it is inspired by the Deep Space Nine station from the Star Trek television show of the same name. Produced in collaboration with the Swiss clock maker L'Epee, this is the second such non-wrist watch "Machine" from MB&F that started with the MB&F MusicMachine they produced with Reuge in 2013.

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ABTW: What would you tell watch lovers in other cities that watch lovers in Los Angeles are like?

Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer Watch In Collaboration With Jaguar Cars Watch Releases

Online advertising is complicated for most types of companies, which means the typically slow-to-adopt-novel-concepts Swiss watch industry is at an even greater disadvantage when it comes to the newest area of marketing for the luxury watch industry. Online advertising success requires a range of elements in place such as having a conversion goal (basically a planned path consumers will take from initially seeing an advertisement to eventual purchase), as well as having sheer mastery over the message an advertiser wishes to make. Arguably, most watch brands of high esteem have neither of these elements in place.

aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you, and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

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George Bamford seems to be the most comfortable around other creative types such as designers and artists, who populate his social circles. Not all of his past businesses succeeded, which has allowed George the ability to appreciate the complexity of running a company with a lot of moving parts. While the idea of a company that artistically re-thinks the design of some of the world's most popular watches might seem simple, there are notorious challenges to his work that make what Bamford does sort of special.

Of course, there are still two major issues with the Apple Watch replacing your wallet. First, is the fact that if the battery runs out on your Apple Watch or iPhone, then you effectively have nothing. Second, is your ID. As far as I know, there is no digital equivalent or copy of an official identification card such as a driver's license or passport. Once such unique identifiers become safely digital, then it might be possible to kiss your traditional wallet goodbye. I know I'd like that because my wallet averages about two inches thick - and I hate carrying it around... as much as I seem to like filling it up with pieces of paper and plastic.

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How Does The Quality Of The Apple Watch Compare With Traditional Luxury Watches?

A great example of this is when a company uses a base movement and produces a module in-house that goes over the base movement. Modules are movement-like systems that add functionality to more simple base movements. Some companies produce modules entirely in-house and use entire movements from outside suppliers, or might modify outside movements before using in-house modules.

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