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Before you even begin to ask yourself the question, this is a woman's watch. Sure a guy can wear it. Take away the pink hands, and you pretty much have a men's watch. With a large 45mm wide black case, spiky looking bezel, and chunky look, nothing say's "chick" about it. Then again, it does have pink hands. This watch is part punk rock watch for women, and part "I want to wear my boyfriend's stuff" look. No one can deny that Rock Candy's "The Beast" is a very masculine watch. Good for the woman who wants a tough exterior look and is happily swept away by 'big watch trend' that exists for ladies as well. Rock Candy is a Hong Kong based fashion brand - done by another brand called Chouette. I don't know much about the two, but I understand that in Hong Kong, they are sort of a big deal.

Don't forget that what made the T-Touch watch great is its cool touch-screen sapphire crystal interface. You press the button located at 3 o'clock to activate the dial and push your finger on the name of the area that represents the function you want. Like the Sea-Touch, the Sailing-Touch features some functions that are very dedicated to the purpose of the watch. The Sea-Touch had features that were only useful underwater, and the Sailing-Touch has some new features that really require nautical activities to take advantage of. Basic functions include the time (analog and you can have the option of displaying it in the LCD display -which can also be used as a second timezone), a perpetual calendar, backlight, and a double alarm function with chime. The other features are more interesting or specially done for the boating or yacht racing theme.

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A sad day yesterday (June 28, 2010) in the watch world. The most notable figure in the world of Swiss watches died. Nicolas Hayek died suddenly while he was in his office at work of heart failure. He was 82 years old, and worked diligently until his last moments - doing what he loved. We should all be so lucky. He saved the Swiss watch industry in the 1980s, and carried it through to today. His legacy is massive, and his current work was to further protect and devise ways to invigorate his beloved industry. A genius, no person can fill his shoes. No one can further his work in the same way. He was the father of the modern horology scene as we know it. Only time will tell how things will proceed without his guidance and learned (though often unorthodox) views and methods.

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The end of the month is almost here and you have just a bit more time to enter for a chance to win one of two beautiful mechanical chronograph watches from Marvin. Your choice of their 103 or 107 models. Retail priced at about ,800 each.

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Rock Candy fitted the watch with a really nice thick rubber strap. Each side of the strap has a different emblem logo applied. One for Rock Candy, and the other for Chouette. Makes for a cool look. The rubber strap is comfy and has a butterfly style deployment clasp. It does use one of those "cut to size" straps that I am not a fan of. Meaning that once you size it, you can't ever make it larger. Being such a large sized watch, I have to ask myself if it is too big for the type of wrist it might be worn on in Hong Kong. it is arguably too large for many American women's wrists as well. So sizing it to be snug is possible, but I recommend the watch for women with larger wrists.

What is interesting is that Perriard's last stint was at Concord. There he helped construct the revitalization of the brand as well as the C1 collection. A watch line that I did not like. Perriard and I had some interesting discussion about it, but it was all mute once he left Concord. From ultra high-end to high volume, he has totally changed his pace by moving to TechnoMarine. I finally got to meet with Vincent last month. A charismatic guy, I feel bad for Concord having lost him. He understands marketing and hype. I think he will do a good job pushing the new TechnoMarine message with a line of watches that won't break the bank. He thinks in color, and it shows in the models. Each feels like candy that isn't too sweet. Meaning the designs satisfy, but not in a way that will burden your eyes after prolonged exposure.

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Watch brands understood the major problems facing them and their business model. The Internet wasn't going anywhere no matter how much they ignored it, and it was only a matter of time until they had to deal with it. Brands had no experience with the internet. Most brands didn't (and still don't) know how to do anything but make watches. To a large degree, their problem with dealing with the Internet is one of justifiable ignorance. That and the fact that they couldn't look to others for examples on how to deal with this issue. While the economy remained pleasant from 2001-2007, they just puttered along more or less happy.

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The Nabucco Va. Pensiero houses a Swiss ETA 7753 automatic chronograph movement. This is basically a modified 7750 with the chronograph subdials in a tri-compax layout and the day of the week indicator removed. The date is still there though. A solid movement that is nothing to be ashamed of. The chronograph pushers are screw down, and there looks to be a helium escape valve on the watch (though I am not really sure why). I like the deeply-engraved Raymond Weil "RW" logo in the crown. The large watch is matched to a black crocodile strap. Price is probably in the ,000 - ,500 range when it will be released soon. Last, let me give you one final gem from the press release. "Let the Nabucco Va, Pensiero spirit you away on the wings of freedom." I have decided that these press releases are more or less like Mad Libs when it comes comes down to it. "add brand name here, add adjective here, add animal part here."

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 20

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Last Chance: LUM-TEC Combat B15 Watch Giveaway

This Pathfinder is mid-line for Casio, lacking only the radio-set functionality of the more expensive versions. It still has solar power (which I consider an essential feature for an outdoor watch), alarms, countdown timer, world time, altimeter, barometer, compass, altimeter, thermometer, trend graphs and an EL backlight. The case is 50.7mm across at the widest point, 15.5mm thick and 65g on the plastic strap.

Speaking of big metal cars, the U-Boat U 1001 is a whopping 55mm wide in titanium. The metal case is cut very well, and the titanium has a very smooth bead-blasted feel to it. All over the case are branding details and information about the watch. Read the back and the sides of the watch to learn just about everything you'd like to know about it. The U 1001 name refers to the fact that it is water resistant to 1001 meters. Basically it is the same as a 1000 meter diving watch, but they decided to add another meter to the title. Watches are usually tested a bit beyond their stated water resistance, so adding that extra meter doesn't mean anything from a technical standpoint - all part of the built -in depth rating wiggle room. The watch is also limited to 1001 pieces (333 or so pieces of each color), and is available with a variety of colors trims for the dial. Here you have a lovely blue for the hand and some of the hour indicator. While the chic looking dial design, complete with the name of the watch is hip looking, it is pretty a-functional for diving purposes - given that this is a diving themed watches. U-Boat released the U 1001 watch completely devoid of lume, as omission from what have been a great looking watch in the dark.

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Price for the Soarway GMT Avantgarde is substantial at ,950, with just 25 pieces in the limited edition set. Bummed that you might not be able to get one? Then just check out the standard Kobold Soarway GMT or the all DLC black Soarway GMT Tactical.

See above (and in full via link below), this is the start of a futuristic comic series to help Urwerk market their new Linear Time Black Cobra watch. This is the black cased version of the UR-CC1 King Cobra that I discussed here. So what do you think? Is this comic cool? I think so. Will it get people slowly excited about the brand and the timepieces? We will see. Click on the thumb nail below.

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Inside these watches is the same quartz movement over and over, and the hands have that "drug-store, Chinese Timex rip-off" look of quality to them. The funniest part of all is that Ulli takes herself so seriously! I don't think anyone in her life has had the balls to tell her that this crap is embarrassingly bad. Ulli is probably a really nice person, but these watches just don't have what it takes to be taken seriously. So just laugh.

St. Dupont make watches, among other luxury items, and will soon release a limited edition set of these RAID watches. The "Service Without Fail" part of the name is apparently RAID's motto. At first glance I like the watch. It is a bit "heavy" on the eyes, and does feature a extreme boldness, but in an appealing way. Although the watch does feature a design spirit, it was designed with function in mind. Meant to be highly viewable in low-light situations, the watch hands are predictably large, with accompanying large numerals in relief. Of course there is lots of lume on the dial, and despite it being quite stylized, it is rather legible.

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Some of you will like this watch, some of you won't like this watch at all, and still some of you want this watch so badly you can taste it. Welcome to one of the most polarizing types of designs out there, and it is over a year old already. Personally I am very intrigued by the design, probably since I got to check out this and other Kingsquare watches recently. It is a loud and in your face look, but refined nevertheless - like something Versace watches should be. The King Square line of watches from Roger Dubuis is defined by its square faceted case that angles down on the top and bottom. This means that the sapphire crystal is also faceted. The dial design is like "art deco lightning."  Yea, it does make the watch harder to read, but that is just one of its charming quirks. While this article in on the above watch, I figured it would be a good time to show you some images I took of other Kingsquare watch I saw at SIHH last month. Consider these cousin Kingsquare watches.

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